"FAITH and FEAR. We are familiar with these two entities. Both of them are active in our daily lives. Both can have a huge impact on our actions and our thoughts as well as our futures. For some reason however we tend to view them in different ways. FAITH is that huge mountain ahead that we all aspire to climb. It is that great Biblical principle that we all like to claim is deep within us. It is that badge of honor that we like to claim we have acquired and possess. It is one of the characteristics that people use to claim that they are more developed spiritually than others – the holy grail of Christianity. FEAR is viewed as the other entity that is behind us and less than. It is scorned as the weak little piece of trash that we try to hide so people can’t see how bad a house keeper we are. We deny it exists. We refuse to give it any attention. In short we try our best to ignore it thinking that it is insignificant and will eventually go away.

What we fail to realize is that FAITH and FEAR are twins. More specifically identical twins. These two have just as much power. They can create or destroy great works or miraculous events equally well. They can even work wonders or destroy each of us just as effectively. Our universe is a well balanced machine. It has equal components on both sides of an imaginary equal sign keeping everything even and leveled out. For every good there is an evil. For every positive there is a negative. For every belief there is an opposite yet equal belief.

To have FAITH means that we have a deep belief and trust in a good and positive outcome. We hold firm to this based upon a belief in a central figure – a figure we call God. Some will say that they either have faith in God or themselves. In actuality at final measurement to say you have faith in yourself is to say that you yourself are your own god. To have faith means that you are doing something, or going to do something, based on a belief that there is this intangible covering around you that will take you forward through difficulties and lead you to your desired goal or victory.

To have FEAR or to be afraid means the exact same thing. It means that we have a deep belief and trust that something bad or foreboding will happen or that failure is eminent. It means that there is this intangible barrier around us that will prevent our movement or success. When we succumb to FEAR we are in essence calling it god. We give it rule over us. We allow it to hold us in a set position so that the things we want to see happen do not. They do not happen because we failed in our actions, but rather  because we failed to act. Our submission to FEAR held us in check and prevented us from moving into the necessary position to see a successful outcome.

FAITH and FEAR are equal in every respect. FAITH can be seen through our actions. Actions through FAITH are good. That is why the Bile says that “without faith it is impossible to please God”. You can identify a man/woman exercising FAITH within them by the things they are able to do. FAITH is an action word or at least provokes action in those that possess it.

FEAR is just as identifiable. It prevents action and can be identified through a persons words. Few people come right out and admit to being afraid. Although to do this is the first step in being free from the bondage/worship they show the god FEAR. FEAR is shrewd. He knows that in order to keep full control of our lives and have us stay at his altar he must rely on his close friend PRIDE. PRIDE will keep us from admitting we are afraid every time. Many times people will cloak the presence of FEAR in their lives by speaking cliches like “I’m just going to wait on the Lord” or maybe “It’s just gonna have to be a God thing. If he wants it done he will make it happen”. In short I’m gonna stay right here and do nothing. I am afraid of the outcome. I am paralyzed by FEAR. I’m gonna stay here and worship FEAR a little longer but I don’t want you to know this so I will hide the fact that I am afraid in commonly accepted Christian verbiage.

We all have times when it is necessary to wait on the leading of God. In fact to move forward on any major project without God at the helm is fool hardy. But its when we have been given a vision or an assignment that FAITH and FEAR kick in. To kick out FEAR and cling to FAITH is a tough battle that we all must fight. It is one of those great spiritual battles that surface during a person’s life.

The key to identifying FEAR  and therefore defeating him can be very simple. First off do we have a direction that we know is God given? If so have we taken a step forward? Remember the steps of a good man/woman are ordered by God. So He is expecting action. He is expecting you to take a first step. Once you do then He will give you the next and the next and so forth. This is allowing FAITH to step in.

If you have a direction and are now uttering things like “I need to wait on God’s timing” or “I’m gonna just wait on the Lord” instead of moving examine closely! You may be at the altar of FEAR and not fully recognize it. Did God give you a direction? Do you think He is going to have you go out unsupported? No, Then act like it. Take a step. If it’s the wrong time God will let you know. Only by taking that first step will you know who is in control FAITH or FEAR. God honors FAITH. He won’t let you down.

So today which twin will you listen to? Which twin has your attention. Easy way to tell. Are you moving or standing still? Are you spouting cliches or impacting lives?

Which do you want to do? Which do you think God will be happy with?



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