allanair.jpgThere is an ancient Japanese quote that says, “A man must do what he can until his true destiny is revealed.” Do you know who you are? Where are you going? When will you get there? What are you doing now? Tough questions for some to answer. Only God knows the full answer to each of these questions.

Every day I see and hear of people who say I am just “waiting on the Lord. He will show me what He wants me to do.” Waiting .. waiting … waiting. Many people sit and wait while very big and important things need to be and can be accomplished around them. Sometimes I believe that we are tricked into inactivity by Satan who holds us at bay by making us believe that we are incapable of action. If we are fooled into believing that we are unable to act, we do nothing but play into the hand of an enemy who is able to gain more ground against us through our inactivity and poor use of time.

There are times when we must wait on the strength and wisdom of God to be able to do certain things. Only through the leading of the Holy Spirit will we know those times. This does not mean however that we must do nothing. We can be preparing for our future. We can be working on other projects around us. Sometimes we can begin a project not knowing that it is just the act that sparks the opening of a door that can lead us to our true and final place in the Kingdom. We can start a job or help in an activity that on the surface looks like it is just something to do until .., but then it leads to something else and then to something after that. In the end we find ourselves working directly in the place that God intended.

No man knows the heart and the plan of God. Moses thought he was a prince of Egypt until he was banished from the land. He then became a sheepherder thinking that his future was ruined until he was lead of God back to Egypt to free the Israelites. Had he just laid down after being ejected from Egypt he would not have been in position to become the great leader that he did. The Apostle Paul was the man who held the coats at the stoning of Stephen. Later he went out toward Damascus to do what he thought was right. Thus putting himself right in the path of God’s ultimate plan. Even after Saul was converted to Paul he wandered for a number of years before he began his final ministry that resulted in the writing of many of our New Testament books.

We do not know the path that God has selected for us to use in reaching our final position in life. We must only have faith in the fact that our steps are ordered and that God will not let us stray too far from the direction He has for us to go.

Do you have a feeling deep within you that God has a plan for your life? Do you feel that there is something growing within you that just has to come out? Do you have dreams that are propheticin nature and you just can’t wait to see them come true? Are you a budding teacher or prophet? Do you have a calling as a pastor? If so then keep moving forward. If God has a desire for you to hold a certain position in His kingdom then He will make it so. You must have the faith to believe that He who has begun a work in you will see it through to its completion.

Nobody but God holds the keys to time and destiny. Only God controls the seasons and the chain of events that make up a person’s life. To believe that we can manipulate these things is false and foolhardy. God is in control. The only thing we can do is keep moving forward. We must put one foot in front of another. We must not look at the conditions around us but believe in the God who put us on the path. We must “Do what we can until our true destiny is revealed.”

These writings are part of the personal thoughts and teachings of Bishop A. D. Chafins, Network President and Chief Executive Officer of SIBN. If you like what you have read let others know of this location. Writings will be updated on an ongoing basis.

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