In the past few years our broadcast presence through our company SIBN has greatly expanded. Today we have interests in TV and radio broadcasting services, publishing, media production, marketing, telecommunications, Internet broadcast training and consulting, as well as Pay – Per – View, Ecommerce and movie production. We have grown far beyond the boundaries of our early years in traditional Internet broadcasting. We have grown into an International media conglomerate. Due to this growth the day to day needs of the whole organization are growing and must be addressed properly.

STREAMING MEDIA PROPERTIES is now the parent of our business interests in each of the above areas and much more. STREAMING MEDIA PROPERTIES will oversee the over all interests of these companies while the day to day operations will stay within them.

It is our desire to house our own interests here while at the same time become a resource for other companies working hard to develop their own structure. We are willing to share our experiences, talents, knowledge with all Internet based media companies.

We here at SMPI are pleased to be a leader in Internet broadcasting. Through this site we will offer help and information as well as links to our own companies  outlined above. We welcome you to communicate with us if we can be of help or service to you.


Our primary Internet broadcasting property. Currently ranked in the top 10 in the U.S. in Internet Christian Radio and in the top 9 around the world in Internet Christian Television. With corporate headquarters in Greensboro, NC and cyber studios located in 14 states and 3 foreign countries we are growing rapidly. With these locations broadcasting 24/7 we are able to service the broadcast and listening needs of people currently representing 178 countries around the world.

We invite you to access the link above to enjoy this great network of Christian people and broadcast stations. If you should wish to broadcast with us as either a programmer or affiliate station please feel free to contact us at 833-SIBN-NET Ext801. We would be honored to speak with you.


 This program discusses current events, music, politics, and has the occasional special guest. A great time is had by all with important information passed on as well.

Voice of Empowerment is the flagship program of Dr. A. D. Chafins and gives you a tremendous opportunity to get acquainted with our Chairman.

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