allanair.jpgI have often wondered: “Why do we hunger and thirst for violence and anger when we can drink so deeply from a well of peace and compassion?” Every day we see a greater amount of violence in our streets. We hear of our children being attacked in our schools. We see some of the most horrific sights in our newspapers and on our televisions. Then we sit back and say to ourselves – “Why?” Daily we as a people seem to seek new ways to harm our fellowman. The whole time we fail to realize that the very same people we are harming are as much a part of our lives as all the others around us. We call ourselves civilized because we have societies to see to it that animals are treated with kindness and gentleness, and then see our brothers and sisters in the streets hungry, without proper clothing and medical help and look the other way.

The time has come to take a new stand. It starts with just one person. If we all can see one person and help that person’s life be just a little better, then we can begin to retake this world from the violent and the depraved. Violence and anger are just like “junk food” to our bodies. They have no positive value and leave us only wanting more. We must begin to eat of the “health food” diet that comes from a life of peace and compassion. It all starts with one person. Try it today.

These writings are part of the personal thoughts and teachings of Bishop A. D. Chafins, Network President and Chief Executive Officer of SIBN. If you like what you have read let others know of this location. Writings will be updated on an ongoing basis.

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