This teaching series is designed to discuss the process from having a dream through understanding it and seeing it come real. Part 1 and Part 2 are taught by Bishop Dr A. D. Chafins and the audio set is automatically downloaded at time of purchase.


This teaching series is taught by Bishop Dr A. D. Chafins the founder of Media Properties and SIBN. The series is based on the process of dreaming and following that dream.

PART 1 Discusses having a dream and following it through to its completion. It looks at understanding the dream, sharing its contents, seeking help in making it start to move forward.

PART 2 Discusses getting out of your own way to allow God to move you forward in the process.

God communicates with us through our dreams. This teaching series is designed to open up doors in our mind to allow God’s instructions to have less hinderance in coming to completion


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