Allan D. Chafins is the founder and Chairman of the Board of STREAMING INSPIRATION BROADCAST NETWORK (SIBN) located in Greensboro, NC. This Internet Christian broadcasting company was founded on April 25, 2011 and now has viewers and listeners in 163 countries and all 50 U.S. states. It is currently ranked number 2 in the United States of all Internet Christian radio stations and in the top 9 of all Internet Christian television stations. Currently SIBN has 33 radio and 12 television stations with branch offices in India and Jamaica. Bishop Chafins uses this International platform to preach/teach daily through his radio program “VOICE OF EMPOWERMENT”. In addition to the founding of SIBN Bishop Chafins has 8 years of broadcast experience in land based television working with TCT a Christian broadcasting company located in Marion, Ill. He has 7 years of experience hosting his own TV and radio programs.

Bishop Chafins is a native of Detroit, MI. His educational background includes Bachelor studies at Eastern Michigan University, MBA studies at Michigan State University and a DOCTOR OF DIVINITY from St. Thomas Christian University.

He is the author of numerous short inspirational pieces both digital and printed currently being distributed worldwide. His publishing company INSPIRATION PUBLISHERS is responsible for the publishing of Christian magazines including “SIMPLY ELEVATE” an interactive publication. Periodically he is called upon to provide advice and counsel to new and struggling publications. In 2001 Bishop Chafins created a manuscript copy of the Bible (KJV) in a tribal Vietnamese language called RA-DE’. This manuscript has led to the printing of Bibles today in this language reportedly effecting the lives of some 750,000 people in villages throughout Vietnam and Cambodia. The original manuscript is currently on display in his office.

Bishop Chafins in his capacity as Presiding Bishop of CHURCH OF GOD – UNIFIER has ordained Deacons, Elder, Ministers, Pastors representing such countries as Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Vietnam, Cambodia, United States. He has been instrumental in the founding of 9 churches in the United States. One such church has become the model for countless home and village churches throughout the countries of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Dr. Chafins in his capacity as a public speaker has spoken in front of many people representing the nations of the world. He has spoken using translators from many nations including different Asian dialects as well as French, Spanish, German. He has spoken with and in front of members of State and Federal government including representatives from the U.S. State Department and the White house.

To understand the depth and true heart of Bishop A. D. Chafins one should look to the following verses in the Bible: Isaiah 2:2-4, Micah 6:8.

Bishop Chafins was raised with what we today would consider “old school” values. Values where loyalty is greatly respected. A quote that he lives by is, “You dance with the one that brought ya” which basically means you stand by your friends, your values, those who have helped you along the way and those who took a chance on you when others would not. He is a strong believer in the spiritual principle of “Generational Accountability” a phrase he has fathered to demonstrate responsibility not only for the generations to come but also for the teachings and the examples sown into our lives by those throughout our past.

His preferred version of the Bible is the original King James Version.

Bishop Chafins is of Native American descent (Cherokee).

His father is deceased. His mother lives in Brunswick, Ga.



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